The purpose of this website was to convince the Portillo's Restaurant Group to open a location in Rockford, Illinois. Portillo’s began in a small trailer that ran a garden hose for water. The original hot dog stand has expanded to many locations in Illinois, Indiana, California, Arizona and opening here in Rockford in June 2015 !! Portillo's won so many Silver Platter awards (the "Oscars" of the food industry) that the company retired from competition for 5 years to give others a chance. Portillo’s is a must-try for the best Hot Dogs, Italian Beef, Maxwell Street Polish, Tasty Burgers, Fresh Salads and more. We encourage you to check out Portillo's Website and Menu for yourself. Thank you for your help in Bringing Portillo's to Rockford. Maybe we can convince them to open up another area location, feel free to sign the Petition below. Please leave your Full Name and E-mail, City that you reside in and any comments that you would like to send to Portillo's. We welcome Portillo's to Rockford. Thank You For Your Support in making this a reality.
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